How to write Techno Commercial proposal for a large software projects?

digital_leftWriting software technical proposal is art and it requires experience and expertise from different skill sets however IMHO any software architects should be able to create such proposals individually but the reality is not true.

In large organizations, there is a dedicated team called “Presales” whose job is to create proposals and respond to RFP & RFI’s, participate in war rooms, running thru proposal presentations, participate in requirements understand and Q&A sessions. Usually the Pre-sales team comprises of Business Development executives, Software Architects / Leads, Engineers / Developers / QA Specialists, Technical Writers, Business Analysts, Business Finance Executives, Project Managers etc. etc. but the role of the Architect is crucial and everything revolves around his deliverables i.e. estimates, solution architecture etc. and based on that the rest of the team arrives with effort, cost and schedule estimates.

Finally, the packaging of the proposal requires documentation, organizing and presentation skills and in my experience many companies and individuals struggle to make one nice proposal due to lack of experience, confidence and finally lack of templates hence I wanted to open source the work I have been doing for many years as Architect and sharing the skeleton proposal template that can be downloaded from my public GitRepo

A preview of the Techno-Commercial  proposal’s Table Of Contents is given here



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