How we built our blazing fast promotional website in Angular.JS SPA

I just wanted to share how we built our public facing Radiology website  developed using our homegrown minimalistic, lean & mean CMS framework called as “Helen CMS” built on top of Angular.js and Node.JS libraries


Features of our home grown Helen CMS

  • Built for speed of the development
  • Blazing fast
  • Clean code separation
  • Template driven user interface
  • Highly scalable
  • Multilingual
  • No database required
  • Deploy by git / Gulp tasks
  • First class support for AWS Deployment
  • Hosted in server less environment AWS S3
  • Can run in AWS free tier – Zero operating cost
  • App in appliance (Container ready) for xcopy deployment on local server (on-premise) or on the cloud
  • 100% offline capabilities implemented through advances cache, Local Storage and Index DB with automatic cache busting and refresh
  • RESTAPIs can be built on any programming language of your choice, we use Node.JS deployed as Lambda Services and exposed through API Gateway
  • Each lambda services built on SRP (Single responsibility Principle) design principles and they are completely loosely coupled
  • Built on Micro services architecture
  • User actions persisted in lightweight database for analytics
  • Fluid page rendering without freezing the UI


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