My choice of wireless mirroring & streaming software for IOS & Android phones during demos, presentations and screen recordings

Screen sharing a.k.a. mirroring IOS and Android devices during mobile applications demos, presentations, application walkthrough recordings, and training are very crucial. So, having reliable tools in your tool belt is important. There exist free and paid versions; here I provided my choice of the tools, which I frequently use with my teams @ remote locations and for training, presentations, and debugging sessions.


Team viewer remote control





This is free and good for debugging android apps. But, I will not recommend for client demos as the streaming quality is poor.






I never used but worth a try. It is $15 USD single license.





I never used it but worth a try. it is $7 USD additional when you purchase for PC / MAC which costs $15 USD single license.


Lonely screen




Free Airplay receiver for PC & MAC. I used it but not reliable hence I will not recommend to use for client demos but good to have it in your tool belt for interacting with your internal team for debugging etc. When it works it is really good (performance).





My defacto tool for iPhone/ipad screen mirroring which I use very often with my team and client demos and presentations. It is $15 USD single license. It is really a must have tool.

Note: I recommend buying the licensed version, which is worth because we cannot afford missing client demos just due to tool misbehavior. Getting 10 ~ 30 mins time with a client is very critical for converting the sales lead to order (opportunity to order).


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