Attended NY Tech Meetup, my first meetup. Huge gathering and wonderful experience

I heard lot about NY Tech Meetup from my directors and sales heads in US. Yesterday I got an opportunity to attend it and the experience was great. These kinds of meetups helps to build network which is of crucial for people who are in Technology, Sales & Marketing etc. We will find new people, networks that can converted into win-win business, friends etc.

Some pictures from my nexus phone camera roll

image8 image1 image4   image10 image

In yesterday’s meetup the auditorium was full even though the weather was not good (snow, windy and rain),  I learnt that, NY tech meetup is always full and it not unusual for them. NY tech meetup is the largest tech meetup group in the World.

As the name says meetup, I met lot of interesting people (engineers, sales, students, school kids) around the world including one student from Pakistan “”named Junaid who  sat next to me in the auditorium, he came to NY for doing a project in  Microsoft (the project is making smart phone as Hearing Aid device using Bluetooth). His interest area is hardware – software interfacing & IoT..interesting

Following were the companies / individuals & NGOs presented their idea, product, MVPs etc. [Content courtesy from]. From all of the demos, I liked Lyft & Peloton Bike

Digital Natives Group


Whisper from Digital Natives Group: The most user-friendly and flexible K-12 school communications platform.



Kollecto helps people buy affordable art by pairing them with a virtual Art Advisor & personalized art recommendations.



The free NYC marketplace for leasebreaks and short-term rentals.



ListenLoop is the evolution of B2B retargeting, providing advertising automation that displays personalized ads based on visitor behavior and demographics.



Lyft is a ride within minutes, right at your doorstep. Simply request a ride and get picked up by a friendly driver.

Peloton Cycle


Peloton is a company in Manhattan that makes an indoor bike equipped with a touch screen that allows riders to participate in live-stream and on-demand cycling classes.

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