How iBeacon can be leveraged for a real life scenario – Beep beep bus has arrived

Apple iBeacon (BLE based proximity sensors) are gaining huge attractions and opened lot of use cases in our day to day activities.

Bus Notifier

Mid last year I sourced dozens of Gimbal proximity sensors from US all the way to Japan and then to our India Office (No direct shipment to India hence I requested my acquaintance in Japan for help) for our lab purpose “Vmoksha Labs” for doing R&D using Proximity Sensors. For various reasons it was idle for many months until 3 Engineering students met me in the month of Dec 2014 to guide them for their Engineering academic projects in mobility….I proposed a use case using Gimbal proximity sensor (Beep beep bus has arrived)… which we published in our official blog by our Architect Princeton Paul Arokyaraj. (Image designed by our UX Architect Archana) Please read it and it is really interesting.

As of today, the engineering students converted the use case into a real life Android App which they are going to present as part of their final year project and we are showcasing it to our prospects and technology geeks…

Note: Our IOT division is handling many client projects which are interfacing with hardware and sensors. If you are looking for partner who develops mobile, IOT apps with hands on hardware knowledge then reach us @

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