We @ Vmoksha Technologies implemented Google MDM solution to distribute corporate apps to our employees



Last week we rolled out Google Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution @ Vmoksha Technologies Pvt. Ltd. to park all of our corporate Android Mobile applications in a secure manner in compliance with ISO27001 information security standards. With this we enabled “corporate owned, personally enabled (COPE) devices and employee owned devices as part of vmoksha’s bring your own device (BYOD) program

Actually we were evaluating open source MDM product WSO2 and almost finalized to implement but then we understood that Google itself provides MDM and it makes sense for us because we already use Google Apps for  business [Email, Calendar, Drive etc.] hence no integration & setup overheads (i.e. Loading Users, Defining Policies etc.) and the critical mass are Android users.

How to upload corporate android apps in PLAY Store?

Uploading Enterprise android apps into PLAY store is same as uploading apps for public except the app distribution is restricted to your windows domain [email domain]. This can be enabled by checking “Only make this application available to users of my Google Apps domain name (vmokshagroup.com)

A sample scree of ours is given below



How to download and install apps?

Once app is uploaded by the administrator into the Google PLAY store, employees can download and install the app directly from their android mobile device PLAY store PROVIDED THE DEVICE IS REGISTERED AND APPROVED BY YOUR GOOGLE BUSINESS APPS ADMINISTRATOR.

The device can be registered thru “Device Policy” android app as shown below. Once the device is registered, an email will go your Google business apps administrator to approve the device (and user) which make sure that the device can be remotely administered and controlled. In case the device was stolen or the employee leaves the organization the administrator can uninstall the apps, wipe out data (restrict access) etc. from Google MDM control panel over the wire.



Once the above setup is through, we can see a new category listed under APPS – > CATEGORIES – > <your organization name> as shown below, clicking on <Your Organization name> will list all the apps [as per the access control defined for that user in the policies]. Clicking on each app, one can see the details of that app, install, uninstall, total downloads etc. like any other apps in the Google PLAY store.


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