Inbound Email processor using Node.JS Mail-Notifier

I have written a simple but full fledged inbound email processor application using mail-notifier npm which internally uses imap & mailparser. The complete source code is in my Git Repository for download or clone


[Note: Image created using Lucid chart online diagramming tool]

In this application, I have taken care of the following business functionalities

  1. Continuously look for all incoming email messages
  2. When email arrived, process it and form a modified email JSON object with the following properties
    • From
    • To
    • Subject
    • Plain Text Body
    • Message ID
    • Date of the email
    • Attachments
  3. Keep the configurations in a separate config file i.e. Email credentials, Mongo connection string etc.
  4. Save the email object into Mongo DB store
  5. Save the email object as .txt/.json file in “uploads” folder
  6. Iterate through attachments if any and store it in “uploads” folder [TODO: MongoDB GridFS]


How to run the application?

  1. Clone the repository or download the zip and extract into a folder
  2. set the SMTP configuration in “config.js” – use your email credentials
  3. Set MongoDB configuration – this is optional; if you don’t need it then comment out following line in “mailprocessor.js”
  4. Set mongo collection as “emails” – This is applicable only if point # 3 is valid.
  5. run “npm update” – this will download all the dependent node_modules recognized from the package.json
  6. run “node mailprocessor.js”


Why I created this?

  • Business Motive – We have our home-grown helpdesk / ticketing system for our employees to make any kind of support tickets online however employees are comfortable in sending helpdesk tickets thru email to; it is our process that the helpdesk / IS team should make a ticket entry for every request received thru email. This application is built to automate ticket creation from email.
  • Passion – I wanted to try out in Node.JS as it is very simple due to the availability of loads of ready made NPMs but choosing the correct npm is the key
  • No full-fledged sample – During the course of development I could not find complete references and samples easily i.e. mailparsing, attachments etc. I collected lot of references from stackoverflow Q&As

Scope for improvement (or TBD)

  1. Email filters and rules to process only those emails which matches a specific condition
  2. Store the attachments in the MongoDB GridFS


  •  JavaScript IDEWebMatrix, it is free from Microsoft and simple to use with ability to integrate with Git Repo
  • MongoDB Query Analyser – MongoVUE

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