Free hosting for 3 years in MS Azure IaaS Platform

Microsoft provides $150 per month worth of hardware for free of cost for 3 years in their cloud infrastructure “Azure” and the program is called “Bizpark” []. This is applicable for start-up companies which are less than 5 years old and their annual revenue is less than 1 Million USD.


We recommend “Bizpark “ to our SME prospects and clients (Start-ups) to get benefit from the free Scheme. 

Our default deployment architecture we propose in our proposals for start-ups or individuals who would want to built web (REST APIs) application in Microsoft footprint (ASP.NET MVC) to start as small and scale up is depicted below.


The server infrastructure (hardware & software) will be procured from Microsoft Azure, Infrastructure as service (IaaS). The high level deployment architecture of Microsoft Azure infra is depicted in below


The advantages of Microsoft Azure, IaaS are: (Everyone knows but nevertheless)

  • No upfront Server hardware investment
  • On demand  Server & Storage scale-up or scale-down
  • Load balanced using Traffic Manager (Optional)
  • High availability using Traffic Manager & Geo- redundant (Optional)


No sophisticated hardware is required. The application will be hosted in MS Azure Cloud and on demand the hardware can be scaled up without altering the source code (mainly for fault tolerance and load balancing). Typically we need the following three components

  • Azure Web Site
  • Azure SQL Server Database
  • Azure Cloud Storage

Note: Azure is not only for windows. Azure supports a broad set of operating systems, languages and frameworks— From Windows to Linux, SQL Server to Oracle, .Net to Java, PHP, Python, Ruby, Node.js, Hadoop.

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