Vmokha’s Technologies Internet Of Things (IoT) Capabilities, Service Offerings, Hardware & Software Infrastructure

imageEarly this year we @ Vmoksha Technologies started developing applications in connected devices & sensors for clients in USA, Singapore & India and with that we built our team in electronics, hardware, software and cloud integration a.k.a internet of things (IoT).

After acquiring strong hands on experience in IoT, we added IoT in our Mobility forte of service offerings and started helping our clients and taking projects in connecting devices, sensors, machines together and controlling devices bi-directionally from the cloud and to the cloud.

Today we @ Vmoksha Technologies are having solid hands on expertise in building applications in wearable electronics, WiFi & BlueTooth Smart sensors & thermometers, RaspBerriPi & Arduino small size computers & single-board micro-controllers ,(I) Becon Technologies and Aginova IoT ready devices.

Aginova our partner who design & manufacture wifi / BLE sensors & wireless probe thermometers, iPlugs etc..

We also built our IoT Cloud Software platform & Infrastructure on top of Open Source Technologies & Tools and with that we can build high quality and cost effective connected applications in less time to market.

A sneak peak of our IoT Capabilities


Note: IoT Pied piper image courtesy, http://www.visionmobile.com/blog/tag/mobile-developers/

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