How to embed native Android UI (PDF Viewer) inside PhoneGap mobile application

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We used MuPdf library for native pdf reader in our custom built android application. We also leveraging its api to access pdf file meta data i.e. total page count, author etc.,

The application is developed using SenchaTouch 2.1 HTML5, CSS & JavaScript MVC framework packaged as android app using PhoneGap.

The problem we are facing to bridge PhoneGap with Native Android UI (pdf viewer). We built a custom PhoneGap plug-in which opens the mupdf android pdf viewer (we referred the Date Picker android PhoneGap plug-in code).

The below first screenshot is the sample PhoneGap app with blue header and footer and the body is left blank as white (i.e. placeholder to embed the pdf viewer as shown in screenshot 2.)

                Scrrenshot 1                         Screenshot 2



When we invoke the mupdf PhoneGap plug-in, the viewer opens as separate UI and occupies the complete viewport i.e. Header & Footer are invisible. We need the header & Footer it because we have few action buttons on it for go to a specific page, zoom, etc. How to achieve it?

2 thoughts on “How to embed native Android UI (PDF Viewer) inside PhoneGap mobile application

  1. When developing the book reader, we were faced with an inexplicable error upon an iFrame being opened. Debugging through the JavaScript didn’t yield any result, and neither did placing breakpoints in the plugin code.


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