“What’s Going On” Source Code

I hosted the complete source code of the “What’s Going On” Mobile Application in Google Source Code which is in decent shape to play around and learn. I attempted to put as much as possible in-line comments for better understanding of the source code.


If you want to play around with the source code, check out the read-only version from from Google subversion source code repository (Note: You need SVN client software like tortoise SVN or use IDE like Jetbrains Webstrom which has out of the box support to SVN, Github, TFS etc.)

As I mentioned in my earlier post, the UI layer is coded completely in SenchaTouch2.0 which is the main focus in this application where we leveraged many features of it and attempted to honour the MVC to the maximum extent. The server side code developed in two flavours MS.NET & RoR.


We used NancyFx micro web framework for developing RESTful API’s in MS.NET which is very simple to code and light weight.

To demonstrate multiple programming option without altering anything in the Mobile UI layer, we developed the second server side code in Ruby On Rails wherein the RoR controllers can be accessed as RESTful services out of the box.

Note: PHP version also in my mind to rollout soon.

Alternatively if would like to focus on the SenchaTouch2.O alone and wanted to download the zipped source code directly, you can get it here as shown below



I will be writing about the source code (Key points and concepts) in detail with respect to each UI in the application but you have to wait for some time.






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