What is “What’s Going On?”, my open source SenchaTouch2.0 pet project

My Open Source SenchaTouch2.0 pet project “What’s Going On?” is an information display micro application to bring city or town local events and announcements into smart phones and tablets.

Why What’s Going On?

I needed a case study to be developed for my SenchaTouch2.0 training sessions to teach the concepts of SenchaTouch2.0, RavenDB, NancyFx/RoR. I wanted something new and different i.e. other than ToDo, Blog apps because those are already available in many flavours. While I was thinking for a new app  “What’s Going On?” Matsuyama came to my mind which  is the online version of a monthly newsletter produced by volunteers of the Matsuyama International Center (MIC). Matsuyama (松山市 Matsuyama-shi?) is the capital city of Ehime Prefecture on the island of Shikoku in Japan  where I spent 3 years of my career. The newsletter was started in 1984 by the members of the Volunteer Guide Class for foreigners which is a very useful tool for foreigners to know what is happening around Matsuyama.

While developing the application we needed real data to be populated then only the feel will come and in this case, I can import the online version of Matsuyama newsletter to get that feel can gift it to MIC after developing few more administration interfaces for them.

Not restricting to a city or town event, the concept can be utilized in corporates, government organizations etc.

What’s Going On? Requirements

Following are the high level business functions or User Stories I am planning to incorporate into the first version of the “What’s Going On”

1. User registers themselves as “WGO” users
          a. Traditional registration by giving username, password, email
b. Facebook registration using Facebook API
2. User logs in to the “WGO” app using traditional or Facebook login
3. User automatically taken to Home / dashboard if opted for “auto login” from settings
4. From Home/Dashboard users can access Settings, Monthly WGO Journals, City Map
5. Users should able to browse Monthly WGO Journals
6. Monthly WGO Journals will contain the following items as Table of contents in List format
          a. Haikus
          b. Festivals
          c. Theatre Movies
          d. TV Movies
          e. Performance
          f. Exhibitions
          g. Announcements
          h. Emergency Hospitals
7. Tapping on the list item, user should be taken to the respective Screens and can come back through back button.
8. Monthly WGO Journal (all items) should contain a navigation bar in the footer for easy navigation between various Toc
9. In Haikus, User should see list of Haikus by Haiku title or few words of the actual haiku
10. Tapping on haiku list, users should be taken to haiku details and can come back to Haiku list through back button or navigate to other contents using footer navigation bar
11. In Festivals, User should see list of festivals for the selected month by Festival name followed with few words of the festival description
12. Tapping on Festival list item, users should be taken to Festival details and can come back to Festival list through back button or navigate to other contents using footer navigation bar
13. The behaviours of Theatre, TV Movies, Performances, Exhibitions, Announcements, and Emergency Hospitals are same like Festivals.
14. Tapping on Logout, application should close and clears the user session if not opted for auto login

How the user interface would look like?

I created the mock screens with color theme in excel and a sample ones are given below


Festival Lists

Festival Details

image image image






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