Mobile Apps UX patterns & Guidelines

User Interface Design is very important for the success and adoption of any application whether it is Desktop, Web or Mobile. These days we can see lot of requirements for UX Engineers, they should have Creativity, User Interface design skills with strong programming background which includes OOAD, Object Oriented Java Scripts & frameworks i.e. Jquery, Backbone.js, JavaScript MVC (Ext.js, Sencha) , UX Performance Tuning etc. but finding the such resources is tough or expensive from the market unless we groom such candidates ourselves. This post is not about identifying UX resource but about designing a great UX for Mobile Applications with limited skills and available resources.

Recently I came to know about a site called Mobile UI Patterns where they have numerous collection of Great Mobile Apps and catalogued in different categories with which one can get the Mobile UX guidelines, Models, Usability standard so on so forth in one roof i.e. UX patterns and Guidelines through proven applications rather guiding only the theory.

It all depends on how one looks at it and utilize it. Yesterday I was evolving a Mobile UX design for one of our Concept Application with which we want to Train our internal resources into Mobility Solutions where we wanted to cover all the facets of the Mobility Development i.e. Mobile User Interface using SenchaTouch 2 &  Native IOS, Server code in Nancy (A Sinatra port in .NET for developing RESTful services) & Ruby On Rails our languages and frameworks of choice. Within 3 hours of time, I could able to finalize the UIs through Mobile UI Patterns samples across different categories otherwise finalizing on the User Interface is a daunting tasks. The below wireframe is the result of the exercise designed completely in Excel 2007

imageThis application is about What’s Going On in a city (but can be extended to different use cases). More about this application will be in my future posts where I intend to write a series of article in developing a elegant looking, scalable mobile application using open source tools, frameworks which include hosting the server side code in free Cloud environment.


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