Jquery Mobile Vs Sencha Touch- Results from our personal experience


senchajquery mobile


I am a die hard fan of Jquery and its family of plugins hence the natural choice of selecting a mobile UI framework is Jquery. Is my choice proved correct? the answer is wrong…yes extremely wrong!!!

I mentioned about our cross platform mobile app product DeenstDesk where we first started with Jquery Mobile and the development was easy including the learning curve but the UX experience was terribly bad in the following

  • Scrolling was bad (even after implementing the Jquery iScroll)
  • Poor scroll performance when the number of list items are relatively more (say 50)
  • No native like scroll look and feel
  • Fixed Header & Footer issues due to iScroll

When the result was disappointing, we went to Sencha where we resolved all the hurdles we faced with Jquery. Following are our Sencha Touch experience

  • Steep learning curve but worth
  • MVC architecture hence the coding style is consistent among the developers
  • Clean separation of concerns between UI & Logic
  • Most of the required UI functionalities are met with in the Sencha download without going for 3rd party plug-ins like Jquery
  • The framework is growing more than the UI framework i.e. Sencha Cloud, Packaging, Build, Native API interaction
  • Event Bus Architecture, Powerful Charting etc.

My personal recommendation is Sencha. Being a Jquery Fan, I wish Jquery will address all the pain points the community is facing.

Our choice should not be based on Jquery’s popularity in Web i.e. vast adoption by the community in web, easy to learn.. One solution will  not fit for all scenarios!!!!


I strongly recommend to watch the following

Harish Sivaramakrishnan’s talk on Jquery Vs Sencha evaluation and his opinion

Sencha MVC In-depth Part 1 & 2



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