Vmoksha’s Mobile Enterprise Application Platform (MEAP) Architecture

A well defined Architecture is critical for any development. Having architecture in place, we can implement technical governance across the team in terms of coding style, standards etc. and also this will help to refactor the code in a centralized place on a continuous basis a.k.a continuous re-factorization.

Having said that, we developed our our MEAP architecture and all our mobile application development honours this. This is the tweaked version of our Web application development architecture, the major difference lie in the tools & technologies used for developing the UI layer. In a nutshell most of the mobile development follows similar pattern i.e. RESTful Architecture using JSON(P) is the primary content type to transfer the payload (data) between client and server. This architecture is Technology Agnostic, predominantly we use the following technologies to develop our Server Components i.e. Back end layers (Facade, Data Access, RESTful Services)

    • .NET (WCF, NancyFx)
    • Ruby On Rails
    • PHP




Flow of dataFLOW-OF-DATATechnology BackboneTechnology Platform

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