Our first IOS Application is successfully launched



Thanks to my team members Ciby, Nikhil & Ram Kapil who put tremendous effort for the past 5 days to rollout our first IOS application developed using

  1. Sencha Touch 2
  2. Phone Gap
  3. PHP


It took nearly 3 months to develop a mobile version of our incident management web application called DeenstDesk, we named our mobile version as DeenstDesk-Lite. Originally we developed for Android which took nearky 2 months because it went for 3 rounds of major technical overhauling due to some some technical challenges we faced in PhoneGap with JQuery Mobile/JQTouch etc. and  just yesterday we compiled IOS installer after getting all the required IOS development setup i.e.

  • IOS Developer Certification
  • PhoneGap build
  • TestFlight credentials
  • IOS device (IPOD Touch, Iphone 3GS +)

The above process took nearly 5 days which includes IOS Developer certification, learning the multi step procedure to generate IOS build without Mac Machine etc.

A special Thanks goes to Balaji D Loganathan, Co-Founder of SPRITLE a mobile & RoR development company helped us in guiding the IOS build procedures and techniques without which we wouldn’t have achieved this in a very short time.

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