My Team is Ready-What do I mean by that?

Its been almost 6 months completed, we started our cross platform native mobile application development competency

When we just started this competency, Our CEO asked this question My Team is Ready-What do I mean by that?

Myself and my friend Ciby Baby, practice head of this team sat and discussed to frame the answer (plan) for his question and we came up with the following.

1. Estimation Methodology in place.

2. Process to be followed for development and testing in place.

Here, the coding part is not extensive (micro app), but the executable has to be generated for

A. Different platforms

B. Different OS Versions

C. Different Devices (Form factors)

3. Setting up of Dev/Test & build server environment in place and, ready for use.

4. 5 different demo apps will be developed and tested and ready for demonstration for the potential clients.

5. UI & coding guidelines, for mobile software development in place.

6. Team well trained in application development, and conversant with TortoiseSVN (Subversion System) in place. Training material ready for use and for future reference.

7. Marketing collaterals in place.

A. Document mentioning the service packages we can offer to a customer.

B. Document mentioning case studies, put in a format so that the marketing team can use in an effective way.

C. Document on Basic technical aspects of typical Mobile app. (Micro Apps, Server Components, Security, and Database).

D. A Document on typical queries that a potential customer can ask. And answers for the queries (FAQ).

E. Familiarize the marketing team with Demo Apps that have been developed and train the Marketing team on how to use it. Make a document to relate the Demo apps with, couple of use cases.

8. Modified website content, showing the specific services that we will be offering, along with the demo apps, and video of the demo apps in action in place.

9. DeenstDesk –Lite (our incident management product) and Redmine-Lite, hosted on Android market and App Store and ready for download.

10. App Store registration in place.

11. Complete project management will be done using Redmine, and (team will be trained for the same) will be ready for use.

A. Task Assignment.

B. Progress Tracking.

C. Time Sheet.

D. Bug reporting and tracking.

E. Documentation.

F. Mapping of SVN to Redmine and tracking the version’s, from Redmine.

12. The team will be having the following skill set /capability

A. Development of Cross platform native mobile application using HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3, Jquery on Phone gap framework.

B. Development of Cross platform native mobile application using HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3, Jquery on Rhodes framework.

C. Application development using cross platform frame work (Phone Gap, Rhodes), involving Barcode scanner.

13. The team will not be having the following skill set /capability

A. Native Application development on Android (Smart phone and tablets) platform using Java.

B. Native Application development on iOS (IPhone, IPad) platform using Objective-C.


And today, I can proudly say we have achieved almost everything we mentioned above.



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