Spring.Net web service exporter–No web service found error in production in IIS 7.0 Web Server


We use Spring.Net web service exporter to convert the POCO class into asp.net .asmx web service which we call from Jquery, this is our standard architectural practice we have been following successfully for almost 3 years.

Last week one of our client project completed and ready for deployment in the shared web hosting, as our standard we always go with Arvixe web hosting the reason being,

  1. They give full trust ASP.NET hosting which is critical for our architecture because we use heavily Spring.NET for Dependency Injection, AOP stuff like that which are internally based on Reflection which will not work in ASP.NET partial trust mode
  2. Cost of hosting is affordable
  3. Excellent online support
  4. 99.9% server up time. We never faced any issues for those clients we recommended Arvixe
  5. Easy to use web based control panel
  6. Multiple Domains, sub domains with maximum up to 6 web sites
  7. Website & sub domain temporary URL which will help to test the application even if we don’t have domain name pointed

After the project was successfully hosted in Arvixe, our web service didn’t get triggered  when JQUERY calls it from client side instead we got the following error as shown in the screen shot

No WebService Found 

We thought that the problem may due to DI (IOC) issue but other objects (Data Access, Facade, AOP) which are invoked through DI (IOC) worked.

The actual problem is simple that the Arvixe web server is Windows 2008 where by default the ASP.NET configured in Integrated mode as shown in the screen shot



If we change the mode to “Classic” mode (Meant for IIS6.0) as shown in the screen shot below and the issue was resolved. We yet to resolve making it work in Integrated Mode (IIS 7.0)




We have used Spring.Net 1.3.1.x version




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