Surprise visit to KL, Malaysia on my way back from Monterey, CA, USA

After 60 days of busy IT consultation engagement with a premier Fresh Vegetables company headquartered in CA, USA, I headed back to Bangalore with excitement to join my family and kids. I had 9 hours of transit @ KL, Malaysia (LA-KL-Bangalore), the airline (MAS) provided  pretty good accommodation @ their airport hotel Pan Pacific but I am bit worried how to pass those 8 hours (eat-sleep-rest [or] sight seeing….)

To my surprise, 7 travelers from the same flight (LA-KL-Chennai & Bangalore) of equal wavelength including mine met in the flight and decided to go out on transit visa to see PETRONAS tower and other important KL land marks and last but not the least having good Indian food.

The plan worked out pretty well and very economic, the experience was awesome i.e. New friendship (Doctor, IT professionals, IT entrepreneur, Management Student, MS student etc..)

Here go some clicks



From top left : supreeth, viswanath, subramanian, shailendra, Antony, senthilnathan (me) and Dr. Lakshmi

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