Do not confine to Java, C#, VB.NET


Other than Java [or] C#/Vb.NET the primary languages used in majority of the projects [or] used/leaned by majority of the IT professionals; we the programmer should learn and implement any of these languages based on our root i.e. Microsoft [or] Java [or] Misc



1. Scala
2. Clojure
3. Boo
4. F#
5. IronRuby
6. IronPython
7. JRuby
8. Ruby
9. Groovy
10. Python
11. Erlang

All these are Functional programming languages getting popular and familiar in the developer communities. These languages are dynamic or functional languages.

Rebecca Parsons, Chief Technology Officer of thoughtworks, in her recent interview with Times Of India talked about the scope and future of Scala and Clojure that’s how I came to know about these 2 languages otherwise I am familiar about Boo (due to my all time favorite guy Ayende @Rahien) and F# by MS.

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