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My ikazaki trip album

During this may 2008, golden week holiday I planned to make a visit to OZU hills Ehime for trekking to Mt.Tomizuyama to see the 65000 Azalea flowers. On my way back to matsuyama from OZU fortunately I got a chance to attend the Annual kite festival at IKAZAKI near UCHIKO town in Ehime. I have read about kite festival but seen it only in movies (SHIVAJI the Boss Tamil Movie, kokku para para …kozhi para para)before IKAZAKI trip. The experience was supereb because the weather was pretty good that day and the place where the kite festival hosted was very very scenic i.e. the place IKAZAKI is fully surrounded with thick mountains and river Oda flows and it is a very very fertail place. In tamil language I would call the place as “ALAGIYA PALLATHAKKU”. Added to that natures beauty at IKAZAKI, seeing the huge and colorful fighting kites was marvellous and wonderful experience (In japanese I would say “iie kimochi”, the feeling was good)……

Ikazaki is a rural town famous for its annual kite festivals and particularly for its fighting kite battles. These kite ‘wars’ have been taking place here for over 400 years.It’s held in May on the day set aside as Children’s Day in Japan. On this day families set up special diplays and pray for the future happiness of children born the year before. At Ikazaki many of the kites are flown in honour of children. The child’s name and good wishes are usually painted on the kites flown for them. This too is a tradition dating back in time.

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