Our three years journey in the land of rising sun JAPAN, Matsuyama @ Shikoku Islands


Cherry Blossom Tree at DOGO Park, MatsuyamaMatsuyama CastleDSCF0061

After nearly 3 long years (Feb 2006 – Sep 2008) in association with Digitapia Corp, a pure Japanese IT company headquartered in a wonderful scenic calm city Matsuyama located in Shikoku Islands JAPAN, now the time has come to leave Digitalpia but my association will continue with them in different avenues.

After 6.5 years of IT work experience in various levels from programmer to Project Lead in India and USA ,I left my job in India and headed to JAPAN to pursue my masters in Information technology @ ehime university. Due to scholarship issues I could not pursue my masters and at that time Digitalpia offered me a JOB at their head office Matsuyama where I am the first & last foreigner to them and no body speaks English (a 100% pure JAPANESE IT Company) nor they have translation support. From the day one I been involved in customer projects and at the same time learnt to converse in Japanese on board with the help of my fellow colleagues, it was really hard initially till i get used to their process. The IT process (not institutionalized but Nationalised I would say) follwed in Digitalpia (JAPAN ) helped to accelerate my adaptability in terms of Japanese IT work culture.


Ashwini at her school park

By April 2006 my family (Wife and my 3.5 years old daughter) joined me and we put our daughter in Japanese kindergarten and then my wife took 6 months intensive Japanese Language course from ehime university. With the help of her father & through Kuroda San our apartment owner she managed to get a part time job @ ABC Retail outlet and at the same time attended her language class at Ehime University and EPIC as well. In the mean time my daughter picked the Japanese pretty fast and she started teaching us the language in a hassle free manner and through her we came to a comfort level in conversation Japanese. All three of us continuously learnt Japanese and my daughter slowly changed to native level speaker. The days passed pretty fast and I proved myself worth at Digitalpia and becoming one of the core team member there, so for delivered around 8 customer projects all with in the stipulated dead line (no schedule slippage, a great team effort and experience). Later my wife got a second job as Physical Therapist Assistant @ Tachebana Hospital IYOSHI a small town which is 10 miles away from matsuyama in align to her original profession Physiotherapy. In spite of cultural and language barriers and work pressure the life was going smooth. In the mean time when my daughter is ready for shogakko (Primary School) we were looking for English medium education around matsuyama but nothing existed as per our requirement except few run by Americans in the outskirts but are very expensive which we cannout afford, but even then we sent her at different private english  tuition centers run by Australians, American but nothing works out like Indian Education System. Since the lingua franca in India is English and we are not sure how many years we will be in Japan so we started looking for possibilities to relocate back to India [or] Tokyo but finally decided to move to INDIA. My family already moved and I am joining them on September 27 2008 after completing all my commitments at Digitalpia with smooth business continuity.

My interview at Digitalpia:

Personal interview by my sacho san with the help of a translator (My Father In Law). During my interview I explained my experience and projects by running through a power point presentation (CV converted to presentations with certain modifications).

After my interview they asked me to send some of my project works in terms of source codes

They evaluated my source codes and at the same time they did a detailed  analysis on my background  & Education. My USA experience and my work experience in Hewlett Packard & Infosys technologies gave enough positive sign for my rating. With all that they developed detailed report with score card to justify their decision analysis.

It is time to thank eveyone who helped us in our JAPAN journey.


Dr.Subramanian, Ashwini, Sangeetha my sister in law & my wife Shobana at Beppu Islands, Oita, Japan

First and the for most is my father in law who is an Associate Professor at University of Ehime, Matsuyama, Japan and only through him I got inspiration about JAPAN and Japanese language and who facilitated my Japan entry.


Me with Sacho Takahashi San & his wife Satomi San at my syanora party

Thanks to Takahashi San and his wife Satomi San, SACHO (President) and Board of Director of Digitalpia. Usually Japanese are reluctant to hire a foreigner and that too who does not know Japanese. My sacho went ahead and hired me and I also proved that his decision in my recruitment was worth. he wanted to have me in his company for ever but unfortunately I have to leave them on personal backgrounds but we will maintain our relationship and if possible may extend it in terms of business possibilities to INDIA.

Thanks to all of my colleagues at Digitalpia

Digitalpia's dynamic agile team at banks of Huangpu River, the scenic bund in Shanghai the modern China.

Digitalpia’s dynamic agile team at banks of Huangpu River, the scenic bund in Shanghai the modern China.

  • TAMAI san  – CTO
  • Onishi san, Yamaguchi san & Mihara san –  PMs
  • Tamai Jun San, Morinaka San – Senior Technology Consultant & Infrastructure Expert deputed at NEC Matsuyama and Takamatsu
  • Masaoka San, Nakayama San (Consultant from Lips) & Umeoka San – Lead Developers aka Analyst Programmers
  • Yamataka San, Hiragata San – Lead Developers aka Analyst Programmers
  • Uaeoka koon & Tokumatsu koon – SEs
  • Fukumoto San – Finance, Facilities and HR

Almost I worked with all the mentioned colleagues in various different projects.

Thanks to my Indian & Japanese friends in Matsuyama

  • DR.Malarvannan – Doing PhD in Environmental Studies at Ehime University
  • DR.Thangavelu –  Doing research in Biotechnology field @ Ehime University
  • Devanathan – Who just graduated from Ehime University with MS degree in Environmental Studies and entering into PhD
  • DR.Ramu & Mrs.Oyuna Ramu- Doing Post Doctorate in environmental studies
  • Subramanian – Project Manager at HCL technologies deputed at NEC systems Matsuyama since 2004
  • Tanaka sensei – My private Japanese instructor
  • Kuroda San & Noriko San – Our Apartment owner
  • Osaki San – A great guy always helps to foreigners in Matsuyama
  • Employees at EPIC (Ehime Prefectural Information center) & MIC (Matsuyama International Community)
  • Murakami San – My once colleague at Digitalpia
  • people at Ladki Indian restaurant, Matsuyama –  The owner at Ladkhi takes special attention to all Indians and also delivers excellent NAAN and Tandoori
  • Tanaka San and Sato San – Guys working at NTT telecom Matsuyama who helps foreigners in setting up Internet and Telephone Connections well beyond the expectations

Last but not the least,  the important person to thank is Rajkumar, My Project Manager at Infosys Technologies Bangalore and under him I learnt a lot of good things in terms of soft skills, technical abilities, confidence, positive attitude,Decision Analysis, sincere & honest and hygiene in the quality  of the deliverable so on and so forth, he used to criticise my negatives and not stopping there he used to give solutions to overcome from that which very very rare people does and the one is Rajkumar. All that learning’s under him helped me to survive individually with out much support in a Strong Japanese Work Community at Digitalpia.

It is sad leaving Japan but I am happy that we learnt Japanese Culture, Language and developed new Japanese relationships which I hope certainly adds value.

Syanora to all my friends and colleagues in Japan

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