Diving into Domain Driven Design (DDD) & Test Driven Design (TDD)

In my current project I used quiet a lot of c# .net generic collections and custom entities, I mapped my DB fields to my custom entities manually and created DAL manager classes hand coded which consumes lot of coding & time and prone to defects during changes.To take advantages of ORM tool in my forthcoming projects, I started exploring NHIBERNATE . I kicked my learning by watching the video tutorial Summer of NHibernate Screencast Series wow excited and admired by looking at the features of NHIBERNATE and with that I got exposed to TDD and DDD, followed by the screen cast I started reading the book NHIBERNATE in action to dive deep in to the internals of the NHIBERNATE. After entering in to the DDD I realised that I need to unlearn my usual MS way of thinking and need to learn the DDD way (ALT.NET). In this journey I am introduced to learn interesting new terminologies, approaches, patterns & practices, testing methodologies, tool sets etc.

Due to NHIBERNATE, the tool sets I am currently getting aquainted are SPRING.NET and CASTLE PROJECT of which SPRING.NET interests me much based on its rich features set for ASP.NET, DI, AOP, WEB SERVICES etc

Some of the terminologies I learnt new are

YAGINI – You Arent Gonna Need It
DRY – Don’t Repeat Yourself
ALT.NET – Alternative tools and approaches to mainstream .NET
AOP – Aspect-oriented programming
DI – Dependency injection

and the list goes….

During my learning, I would like to create sample apps and post it here.

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