Handling blank spaces between strings in infragistics ultrawebgrid (grid column)


I faced a strange problem while binding string data in infragistics ultrawebgrid column of data type System.String.My string data contains two consecutive blank (empty) spaces interleaved EX: “K100K01  EH 1000” (two blank spaces between “K100K01” and “EH”) and during databinding to the ultrawebgrid, it rendered as “K100K01 EH 1000” i.e. one blank space has been stripped off. After little poking in to the ultrawebgrid colum properties I found out “HTMLEncodeContent” and which needs to be set as true i.e. HTMLEncodeContent=”true” to make the grid column render the sting as it is without losing double/multi spaces in the string data. This details have not been mentioned clearly in the infragistics help. Though this problem sounds simple but can lead to disaster based on the business requirement.

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