Part 1: LEARNINGS DURING PERFORMANCE OPTIMIZATION EXERCISES in an ERP application development using C# .Net 2005, ORACLE 10g, ActiveReports.Net etc

For the past one month I have been working on Performance (query) optimization exercise for an ERP application for a leading chain of Rental [DVD, VHS, BOOKS, and GAMES] store in JAPAN. We (my company) involved in the development of store front set up, touch panel catalogue search; store administration etc which involves variety of batch processes, multi dimensional reports and the lists goes. It is needless to say about the data structues (Tables) in a complex ERP system, tables are huge in numbers and the data sizes are in the range of millions with nearly 30% data increase per year. The coding phase is almost done [Design and coding consumed more than a year] and currently functional and non functional testing is under way. Lots of performance related issues popping up due to different reasons!! may be overseen in the requirement and design phase [no comments] or due to lack of experience in the ever changing technology and between version changes among products [No software is perfect during design & development and some are even bad after development too!]. Here I would want to share my learnings and experience in this optimization exercise so that this might help others too who are in the same path or at least facilitate them to look their problem in a different perspective.
Though I am mainly focussed on queries, I will not only talk about query in particular here but also the programming language, design approachs & any 3rd party tools used (reporting tools etc) which are tightly coupled with data.

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