Japan Maps – Address Search, Place Lookup, Zip Search in English

Travel and address lookup are tedious for foreigners living in Japan because everything in Japanese Scripts [Kanji & kanas]. In Japan they have everything from address look up – driving directions like in America and Europe but not in English. Recently I found a private website http://diddlefinger.com/ offers the following services on top of Google Maps in english labels.

  • English Address Search: Map most addresses in Japan using English.
  • Place Lookup: Look-up many geographical locations in Japan.
  • Zip/Postcode Search: Type in a yubinbango (Zip/Postcode) and you will be taken to the area it relates to. Enter the first 3 digits to go to the approximate area.
  • JP Address: Look-up a Japanese address using standard kanji address entry.
  • Plot Link: Copy and paste a “Google maps” e-mail link here to plot that location on diddlefinger.
  • Sync: Synchronize the map and the web-page. [Useful if you pan/zoom a long way from your starting point and want to make a bookmark. ]
  • Link to page: Get a link you can e-mail/IM of the current map location and any “green arrow” markers.
  • E-mail: Make a link to current page, and any green markers, in your mail client.

I thought I can share this with others who visits /google my blog. I strongly recommend aliens living in Japan to bookmark this link.

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